Monday, November 8, 2010

A Very Blustery Day

So what do you do when the weather doesn't make up it's mind whether (Ha, see what I did there? :D) to rain, hail, be sunny, or windy; all at the same time? Why, make a blog post of course. So I'll post a few pictures of the dorm so you guys can see what sort of place I live in now.

Ahem, this is the door. Beside that to the left is a small refrigerator and a few cupboards, plus the corner of the
sink. Nothing much to see. The fridge and cupboards stay well-stocked as the weather likes to throw fits and I don't like walking the 15 minutes it takes to get to the Dining hall when I could stay warm/dry and cook.

This is the..... Kitchen? My wee cooking area. It has a hotplate. Most of the cooking utensils and
whatnot have been scavenged from the 'Recycling
Room'. A Room to dump your stuff if you don't
want to take it with you when you leave. Mostly everything is from the R-room anyway; the teapot (plus two cups from David for my birthday), the small pot on the hotplate, sponges, dishsoap, dishrags, and the drying rack are mine. All the utensils (for cooking and eating), other pots, frying pan, and cutting board were saved from the room. Now, onto the Shoilet!

The dreaded shoilet. A closet that has been raised about a foot from the floor that measures about 3 1/2ft. by 3ft. inside. It contains a smaaaaall sink (about the size of my
hands cupped with 2in. between them), a small shelf for holding various bathing supplies, a toilet (western style), and a shower attached to a hose. If you got mold in the dorm due to Japan's terrible humidity and Kanazawa's near constant rain, the shoilet would be the first place to find it.

Sort of like a canary in the mine shaft, but with mold.

The bed and a bit of the desk/computer area. You'd be happy to know, Aunt Anne, I keep the bed tidy, as well as keep up with the vacuuming :D

The desk area..... Not so much.

On the bed we have Truffle, a stuffie Mark sent, mum's hanten, and the bean pillow. I should really buy a new pillow. Didn't think the school would REALLY give Japanese-style pillows for such a Western room. :/

Lastly we have the balcony. The place I dry my clothes when the weather feels like being nice. Which means laundry is hard to get done unless hung up inside my room with the heat turned on. The picture was taken while it was still 'Summer' so it looks bright and happy.

That's the room! Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour, and please, watch you feet when getting out of your chair. These images make the space around you feel much smaller than expected. :D

Next up will be pictures I managed to take while the weather forgot to be a jerk-face.


  1. I LIKE IT~
    omg, tinny potty area. idk if i could ever shower in there.. i don't fit..
    with all the people coming over and eating your cooking, where do they all go? like... where do you sit... there is only a small kitchen and your bedroom... there is no space to like sit and talk.

  2. People mostly sit on the bed and eat on their knees, haha. I use my computer chair.