Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Very Late Post (WITH PICTURES)

Hi Guys, sorry for the month long delay at least this post will have some pictures? :D
Mark gave me a spiffy card reader so I can upload things onto the laptop. Poor computer had a disagreement with its own card reader and isn't yet on speaking terms with it. I'll probably get the thing reformatted when I'm not busy studying.

HOPEFULLY, I can start making more posts.

So what this is an image of is the bottom floor of Kansai International Airport. It has 7 floors, most of which have a variety of shops and things to browse. Sadly I stayed on the bottom level because of the enourmous amount of luggage I was carrying around. :/ I guess I can snoop around a bit more when I go back to the States.

So, after about 10 hours of flying, 18 hours of sitting around the Airport, being harassed by a
gang of Japanese police people (two men and teo women) I got on a 5 hour bus to the school. Loads of mountains covered in maple and bamboo. It was pretty awesome, would have been bett
er if it
was Autumn and I hadn't been so freaking tired.

This is David eating some delicious Takoyaki. It's a sort of fried pancakey ball of gooey deliciousness with a
piece of chewy Octopus inside and coated wit
h awesome sauce and mayo and other things. It's awesome. David dis not know how to correctly eat a Takoyaki at this time and forgot that the gooey stuff in the center feels like boiling tar if not eaten properly.

Let's watch the fun :D

After successfully getting the Takoyaki in his mouth a short moment of bliss.

Realizing the center is hot, very very very hot, but amiably trying to chew through it.

Ended up giving in and made the "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF IT'S HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT" face.

Being the wonderful friend I am, I made sure to grab the water for him, after thoroughly laughing at his silly faces and taking pictures first.

The Takoyaki, almost demolished. It was delicious in all the good ways. >w<

Next post will contain life around the dorm and possibly some scenery around campus.

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  1. HAHAH, David looks like a nice guy.
    also im so happy to see updates. and im glad your having fun.
    i and we want to see more of random stuff like omg this is my room and oh man, here is a cool tree.
    we want random stuff. also, like your friends like your tutor or something.. idk .. go crazy with updates... LOOVEEEYOUUU