Sunday, November 14, 2010

Door Doodles (Plus a Few Other Things)

I'm studying for a soon-to-be Kanji (Japanese Pictographical characters originating from china, a part of Japan's 3 'Alphabets') Test plus the rain that never stops made doing much of anything fun nearly impossible. Not that I mind the rain, of course. It's just my nose likes to behave similarly to the weather; when it is wet, cold, and rainy, well... I'll leave that up to you to imagine what my nose does all day.

So seeing as I've been a recluse this whole time, counting the weekend, a healthy-minded college student like me would probably burst of boredom if all I did was study kanji. Meaning unfortunately for my test I did NOT study the WHOLE weekend
away. Too bad for my test. (Just kidding, I'll do fine.)

What I've been doing on my breaks between my studies and trying to bash my face into a wall repeatedly is doodle. I'll show you a few of the ones I managed to take pictures of before deciding to scrap most of them. :D The two above are ones I did that are what I look like when I study, pretty boring aren't I? :P

This is the one that took the most time and was my main break time-waster. The flash took out some of the nice line quality of it but for the most part the colors came out well.

I think surfing around on falling leaves would be pretty thrilling, don't you?

This one's been up on Facebook but I rather like it so he get's to be here too. This one was for David. A sort of bookmark I made with the theme being "Guy drinking canned hot chocolate, and lovin' it". Speaking of, canned chocolate is delicious, and it comes in both hot and cold from a vending machine! <3

So that's about it for today. Maybe I can post again when the weather doesn't feel like making me use all the tissue handout's I've received from the very nice Japanese handouters. :<>

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