Friday, October 1, 2010

Purpose of Team Plush

Hallo! This is Nicole, team captain of Team Plush and the goal of this blog is mainly keeping track of Team Plush's adventures because every team has to have adventures, even if that team only has one person in it.

So what adventures am I talking about? Japan! The country of awesome food, silly animu, college life, and me! Thanks to Mike from Alaska I now have a camera to record these adventures I have and share them, you know, with words and stuff. Lots of stuff.

In anycase, this will probably also become a doodle dump because blogs seem to be a good place for that.

Tl;dr for folks who like it short:
1. Blog goal is to keep track of adventures in Japan
2. Become a doodle dump

That said I leave for Japan tomorrow from Seattle. Let's see how my adventures go!


  1. Fun Fact: C.J. Jones = exactly 1 David Rubino

  2. <3<3<3 i miss youu so much..

  3. This is much better, Hun i miss you, let me know when you get their. also email me your addi. so we can send your birthday gift(s)

  4. Nicole you ROCK!!! Safe journey and I'll be waiting with impatience for your adventures to be posted for all see! Have OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOdles of FUN!!
    Love and Hugs....

  5. The shoilet????? 3 ft square????? Oh, now I get it, since there ain't enough room in that straight jacket sized space to twist and wipe your ass, you take a shower when you're done right where you sit. That is the onliest way the shoilet makes any sense to me. One question, does it have some freaky Akihabara high tech super fan to zoom the stink away, because if it doesn't, in that small space, some of use just might wind up dead from the fumes ... if you get my drift.